Hours:  Our business hours are 9:00 am to 4:00 pm Monday through Friday.  After hours and weekends available on a pre-arranged basis, prices negotiated.

Service Area:  We prefer to work within our own home area which is southwest Portland.  We are willing to work in other areas with you upon request.

Pricing:  $25.00 per hour per person, one hour minimum.  Time after the first hour is accrued at half hour increments. We accept cash and checks only at this time. Rates are subject to change with notice.

Expenses for goods are payable in advance unless otherwise agreed. Expenses for service hours are payable upon completion.  Mileage is negotiable depending on service and distance.  Mileage will be charged at $0.56 per mile.

Other Fees:  Services listed do not include merchandise purchases, parking fees, package/shipping fees or any goods charged to a third party at the request of the client.